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The next stop after PLU was Texas and it was hot and humid and since we just came from the Seattle which was a bit cold I appreciated the weather in Dallas, we were welcomed by the UTD debate coach Scott Hernott, we had a quick lunch then Jesh and Monique had a public debate with the UTD debaters on the motion: The US should military intervention in the horn of Africa. It was a good debate and I believe both sides did a great job, but my personal opinion was that the US should help the countries in the horn of Africa reach a stage of development without dependency. wileyJesh and Monique were on the negative and UTD were on the affirmative.

After the debate we were taken to a very beautiful hotel and I was glad I finally I had gotten time to rest. The next day we had lunch with both debate coaches Philip and Scott and they were intelligent with a good sense of humor, they were fun people to be around @Philip #SlimJesus hahaa*dead*. We sadly didn’t spend that much time at UTD but in just that one day and a half, I felt they were nice people who were caring and definitely a lot of fun to be around. I hope we get to come back some day. Thank you Scott, Philip and the debaters for hosting us. After UTD we went to Southern Methodist University, this time we didn’t take a plane because it was still in Texas so it was like a 10 minute drive and we arrived at our hotel and I had gotten the wrong bed room number so while everyone had settled down I was at the wrong door waiting for the rest to join me upstairs. They finally found me and took me downstairs to meet our host Dr. Ben Voth. I’d read his book: Rhetoric of Genocide-Death as a text, and his book was emphasizing on the importance of rhetoric most especially if you’re trying to avoid Genocide cases I was very impressed with that book and I was very eager to know how the mind of the genius behind the book. He was very kind, polite and you gave you a welcoming feeling, he hosted us for dinner before our debate and we took care of us throughout our entire trip in Texas.

SMU was celebrating its 100th birthday while we were there so we got the opportunity to attend the official ceremony with all the alumni, board members and some professors after the ceremony we had lunch. Dr. Ben Voth took us to the Bush library where we got an opportunity to see all work president George W. Bush had done as a president, his projects, all his documents and what he based on for his decisions. We got to understand the stress a president has to deal with in order to take action and how we much he has achieved. He also took us to Marshall Texas and showed the famous Wiley college home of the great debaters and showed us where James Farmer jr’s surroundings in Marshall were and where he lived and his debate coach Melvin Tolson’s house too. He gave us a background on James Farmer jr and what he did after college and how he had an impact in society as he aimed at stopping segregation. Everything that I learnt from Dr. Ben Voth was to think ahead not just live in this moment but to have a bigger picture of what you expect the future to be like and whether it would be helpful to society.

After living in hotels Dr. Ben Voth decided to host us at his house and his family was so welcoming. They took us to a football game SMU vs. JMU and this was spectacular game. At some point I didn’t know what was going on but then all I know it was fun, the crowd was pumped out, there was good music, glow sticks and snacks. At the end of the game there was a special firework show because it was the 100th SMu birthday so they wanted to end the century in style they put on the most fireworks you’ll ever see they were so many in the sky at some point it started to look like thunder but it was so beautiful, you’d hold on to your fear. I had such an awesome time in Texas, they were nice people and caring and so thankful for Dr. Ben Voth for hosting and taking care our every need. And also once to Scott and Phillip thanks once again for everything we truly appreciate



ben voth

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