For starters, Michigan is a beautiful place, so many green space and very nice people. One thing that surprised me though is asking someone where they come from in Michigan and them showing me their hand and pointing to where there are from on their hand. Michigan is in a shape of a hi 5 (or a mitten, that’s what they say), so when you give a hi 5 to people in Michigan know that they can use it to locate where they come from. Very hilarious! I tried doing the same for Rwanda but let us just say I failed.

Our first stop in Michigan was Ferris State University in Big Rapids. Apparently many people hunt in Big Rapids, it felt real, yeah the feeling of seeing animals in trucks of people there, scary feeling.  Kristi Scholton was our host in Ferris. She is a very active person. That was my favorite part about her; it made me feel like I had to be active and not be lazy. We were craving food so she took us to a Belgian brewery, I felt like I reached Europe, this is how I always pictured European restaurants. I love the fact that in America you get to experience all these sorts of cultures and be in one place but feel like you are in another place.  This place was very alive, so we sat down and looked at the menu, and believe me the only easy thing to read was the part where it shows APPETIZERS and DRINKS. Even then, I go through Appetizers, then drinks I am like water please, yeah couldn’t understand anything.

Kristi helped us out she explained in details what every meal was and so we went on to order, thank you Kristi that food came out good. Oh I didn’t know there are different types of fries I only knew French fries, lol.

So we drive to Big Rapids and check in to our hotel, and Kristi gives us a basket filled with cute things (t-shirts, food, drinks, salsa sauce, crisps and chocolate…), let us just say that the chocolate part Angela took care of that, I doubt the boys even knew there was chocolate. The salsa sauce was amazing even though we didn’t finish it. So we were told we would be taken to a hockey game the next day and I felt a little disappointed. I was like Hockey what is that?

On Hockey Day. We had lunch with the debaters and it was very fun meeting all these people. It was at the Rock Café, and I’ll just say it is really Rock Café, it rocks!!!. I went for the Mongolian grill, very tasty. We had many interesting conversations with the people at Ferris for lunch, Fran, Marley and her brother.

To be honest we were doubting how this would go, I mean hockey is not even a thing in Rwanda, no one knows about hockey, so we were excited to hang out with Ferris students but the hockey bit was a big question mark. But oh my gosh Ice Hockey is the most intense ice game ever. Ice has a way to evoke peace, you know Cinderella type of smooth but hockey is like the step mother of Cinderella. It is very rough and I honestly doubt if those players ever talk to each other after the game. But if you haven’t watched hockey put it on your to do list.

We went for a tour in Ferris State’s Jim Crow museum, a museum of black people and how they have been portrayed throughout US history. It is very nice and very inspiring how the university put up all that. Ferris was great. We got to go to another Natural History museum full of mounted and taxidermied animals, and boy did they look real! It was scary but fun at the same time.

We had a public debate the next day and we had blended our teams it was a great experience believe me, the food after the debate was life giving. We had a dinner the next day with few of the faculty members. We had an event the next day at a gallery. Art is always beautiful to see but hey, this art was gorgeous. On that same day we had a walk around town with Nathan which we really enjoyed. Our class visits were so fun thatI now can’t wait to get to college.

The next day we had breakfast at the Rock café with the people from the international admissions office, and it was great and fun. Todd Stanislav drove us to meet with Brian in between Flint and Big Rapids. Allow me to talk about this ride. So for starters Todd is a fun guy, we went to his farm and we saw horses couldn’t ride them for time was not waiting for us, but we got to ride a and it was the best experience so far. Boy it was fun. Ferris has marked a place in our hearts.

So thank you Ferris, thank you Kristi for making our stay lovely and introducing us to your daughter and son, thank you Nathan for being the fun a great advisor to somebody’s love life won’t bother mentioning, thank you Shana for being such a sweet and lovely person, thank you Todd for making our ride very fun and letting us see a part of you. Ferris was great and fun that food was life giving.

Bulldogs 4ever.

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