Dear readers, sorry we have delayed to update you with what is going on, hopefully you will feel involved again with what we have been up to. Just so you know we are having a blast.

So where do I start from? Flint is great, and if you want someone to take you to all the good places, just call up Brian Schrader. He is funny, and some of his experiences in life are just hilarious and made me want to try some of them. Before we go too far you are probably wondering why I chose this title. Simple, it is the Wi-Fi password of the hotel we were in so now you know where to get free Wi-Fi, Holiday Inn 🙂 (They’ve probably changed it by now but whatever)

Okay folks Flint was great. We reached Flint on Wednesday afternoon after a fun car ride with Todd Stanislav, even though some people were sleeping (won’t bother mentioning them cause then I might not be alive to write another blog, lol). We were hungry so Brian took us some place to eat, God knows who told him my kind of places when it comes to food but I’m sure glad he took us there. The fries were just too good!

I was hungry but I had decided to eat healthy in the land of fast food and amazing pastries so I had a great idea to order what? a salad! So the food comes, I look at those fries on Harmonie’s and Amos’s plates and I lose focus. But I still want to do the healthy thing so I  take a bite of my salad, and look at Harmonie as she eats her fries and chicken and I can’t stand it, so I put my fork down and wink for her and Oh good heavens! she gives me a nod like “go ahead”. I use my fingers, no need for a fork cause I wanted a big quantity, but eh these fries are so good. I do the same for Tonton Amos who gives me a go ahead too and I end up eating their fries and sharing with Sharon. Funny thing is my whole idea of eating healthy fades away and I pack my salad. I will not tell you if I ate it. Don’t assume anything. “King of the Fries” is what I ended up calling that place.

We checked into our hotel, and if you’ve stayed at the Kigali Serena hotel, you know what I am talking about. So beautiful that sometimes you get afraid of touching anything, lol.  Late that night Brian comes to pick us up for dinner.

We are in the car and he mentions options of where we can eat, Bruce and I go of course for pizza, the rest want Indian, except for Brian who said he was comfortable with everything. The majority wins and we go for Indian. I gotta say, thumbs up to the chef that food was so good, Khana Kazana got nothing on this one, like at all. The restaurant is great.

Thursday, we went visited a Theatre class. It was a fun experience, as you may have heard we are artists and talented :), Bruce did a poem, Sharon of course did another and Harmonie danced. I was the camera woman, that is also a talent by the way, lol. This class was engaging and they also did some performances for us, it was a fun and great experience, I might end up in Theatre man. We had a debate at 11 am and had a good turn up, on the motion “In the after math of a genocide Forgiveness is more important than Justice,” I won’t bother saying the winner. We mixed up teams with the UM-Flint team, so whoever won, we won!

We had a great lunch. This time, all notion of eating healthy was out of the wind so I decided to eat like no man’s business! The debaters joined us and we had fun discussions. In the evening Brian took us to UM-Flint’s Communications department’s 30-year Anniversary alumni reunion, which was a great experience cause we got to meet new people. We also met Brian’s children, I have to say they are soo adorable.

So on our way Detroit, I ask Brian if I can put in gas he goes yeah sure, so I come out of the car and put it in the gas. This was my first time and let us just say I think I will have monopoly on putting gas in my mom’s car when I get home, such a fun experience, like, really great and fun. When I smile out of nowhere just so you know I am remembering that moment with Brian at the gas station. I had fun in Flint, so much fun.

Detroit was a different experience but fun, the team got to watch movies together, but Bruce was the one who chose, I promised myself next time I’d pick the movies. Detroit is a fun place, the drivers that took us to the airport were very fun I wish I had their contact to keep in touch.

Just to put it out there I really miss Michigan. I want to go back. This tour has made me see how people are generous, people take time to spend time with you and make you laugh and make you feel comfortable, Brian is one of the people that made this tour exceptional for me.

Flint was fun and the debaters and Brian were able to mark a place in my heart, I found it hard to say bye, like really hard. Everyone was being extra nice like a lot, so thank you all. Thank you UM-Flint for being such great hosts  and valuing iDebate team, we are lucky to not just deliver a message of hope but to also make friends.

One piece of advice take time and thank God for the people you have come across in life. This tour got me to appreciate all of them.


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