It is amazing how God works in mysterious ways, right? I have never really talked about the genocide against the Tutsi 1994 with any of my parents; it was either a comment made about what happened or just a summary of all summaries of the genocide against the Tutsi. At school the topic was not so open. It wasn’t until a few days ago  in a prep meeting with my team and our coach Jean Michel that  I really found out what happened. I knew a little of it.

So now you might be thinking what kind of Rwandan child doesn’t know about the genocide against the Tutsi 1994, right? Well that child as alien as it may sound, is me. Well of course I knew Hutu killed Tutsi but that is where my little knowledge stopped. I heard people say “sha u Rwanda rwavuye kure ni ukuri,” meaning Rwanda has come from very far. But I was not so sure why such a comment would be raised out of nowhere.

My name is Angela K. Kagabo. As crazy as this sounds my biggest dream is to meet Robert Mugabe, YES the president of Zimbabwe. You know why? Because he is one of the very few men I know that speaks his mind and doesn’t give a damn what other people will think. I believe that the world would be a better place if we spoke our minds. Now I am not so sure it would be but I believe that.

I always told myself I would be an agent of community transformation and I constantly repeated the same thing I heard everywhere NEVER AGAIN, but it was only on Saturday that I humbly and truly undestood what NEVER AGAIN truly means. And thanks to iDebate, when i say Never Again to the killings, Never Again to divisionism and a big YES to unity and reconciliation from now on, I will truly mean it.

Saturday 16th April my team (Sharon, Harmonie Emma, and Bruce) and I along with our coach (Jean Michel) talked about what the genocide really was. Well, it wasn’t really the topic but that is what I got from it the most. I felt reborn, I felt mad and truthfully ashamed of even saying I am a Rwandan. Being Rwandan is a blessing but how do I go around bragging I am a Rwandan when the little requested for me to know I don’t even know?  I felt mad being aware that my biggest fear death was just a game for some of my countrymen. The experience changed me somehow. I feel like I am reborn, I have a burning desire to shed away my ignorance and learn as much as possible about my country’s history, because I believe it will guide me in writing my own history.

Words cannot express the joy it is for me to be going to the US. I mean I will go to McDonald’s for the first time, hmm… just the thought of it makes me *phat* with a P because fat just sounds boring. Oh by the way this is going to be my first time on a plane my very first time on a plane so apologies in advance to every passenger on that plane because I will surely let you know this is my first time on a plane and I will make sure you know my final destination is the US.

I tell you my history is being written in good ink!

Grateful to the Almighty!

P.S: I already know what I’ll be wearing for the September flight 😉

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