The Power in Words

One kind word can change someone’s entire day.” Somebody once said. Do you ever think of the words that you say to people? Do you hurt them or please them? How about your attitude to the people around you?

When people get married they say words to each other even before they put on rings or have a wedding ceremony, words before. The man confesses that he will be forever with his woman and the woman does the same. Before the war, the commander talks to his soldiers and shows them the plan; he uses words before he touches the gun.

WORDS- One word can build somebody’s life or destroy their life. Most often we tend to forget about the words we tell people, we abuse or sometimes wish they were dead and we forget the power of confession.

Debate are words being spoken, words that are for or against the motion. Every word said in debate can be used against you, or help you advance your case.  Debate is among the few places we tend to think twice or maybe thrice about the words we say before we open our mouths. I have learnt through debate that words are very meaningful.

Use words to build people’s hearts not destroy them.

Raise your words not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” Rumi

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