Two Amazing Women

There is  a problem in this world ,and for some people it is still impossible to find the answer yet the answer is so near but truth is they don’t see it .let me state the problem ,people always believe that the person who has the capacity of changing their lives are those that are super rich and famous ,those who can give them all the amount of money they need or offer all the world’s luxury and all fancy things one can name .We always believe that tangible things  that we receive are the one that will instantly change our lives more than the people who gave them to us ,that is the problem and am glad I’ve got the answer perfectly on time and I want to thank the people that gave me the answer ,the people that changed my life and ways of thinking without giving me anything bigger than love,they made me realize that all that I ever needed was someone who understands me who shares  my passion even for crazy things,someone who will the good in you and try to  bring it out ,someone who sees the potential in you and make you  realize how high you can fly,how much farther you can reach ,the great person you can become ,in fact the person who give you enough time and listens to you and then late r transform you’re a mess into a beautiful one and suddenly  what you thought was nonsense starts making sense.

am  grateful  to Dr Roslyn Satchel and Abigail Lynn. They are such a blessing to me  each one has taught me a special lesson,Dr satchel taught me to always believe in myself and to always use the opportunities that I get to help the rest of the world because I do not live for myself ,I live because there is something special in me that nobody else has ,and the world need that ,every waking moment is a big chance to share what I have .honestly when she  told me that I thought that that she just wanted me to feel good about myself but no she was sincere and so right because there’s  a lot I can do without necessarily being a millionaire or having a lot of degrees  because those  are things that people acquire with time the only thing that one needs to be able to change lives is insight  and wisdom and am glad I have enough  of that make a big a change in this world.again the personality of Abigail lynn fascinates me   shejust has an mazing sense of humor she makes me feel important but that’s not my point ,my point is she is a good teacher her lessons I bet affects someone for a whole eternity for I know I will never get over them or take them out of my mind like a math formula or the causes of second world war .one of the main lessons I learnt from her is to be crazy in the most perfect way ,like racing up the stairs because it’s a good sport or openly give my opinion  because no one is perfect and no one has the right to judge me .she just gave me a better perspective of the world and how I should conduct myself as long as I live .she just made me realize that life is too short to worry about everything  but I have a better option ,enjoy life when I  still can but in just a way that is beneficial to everyone around me .these women totally transformed me ,I’ve been with them for five days  but the hospitality they offered me made me feel  like I’ve been around them my whole life it was so overwhelming especially when they denied me the right to call them by their names I am only allowed to call them “mom” isn’t that too much for a girl who left her home for a debate tour in a country she has only seen on tv and not expecting anybody’s attention and here she is getting more than just attention but a family ,today I have two more cute sisters and an amazing brother whom we share the same birthday dates and more to that they all have big hearts and are just so lovely.i’ve been taught to be patient and to embrace the kind of life that I live because my life experience is a big lesson to someone who needs to learn from it.

Abi I’ve learnt to give what I have and it’s love ,because love is all someone needs to become important it’s all someone needs to understand that life is worth living only if you only exist to bring good out of people’s hearts because that is all the world needs to be able to change and change for the better .i may say a lot because these ladies did a lot for me ,they simply me equipped me with exactly what I need to live a significant life ,they somehow managed to bring the good out of me and today am determined to do the same for anyone who comes my way .i am blessed with an ultimate gift of meeting the perfect people and it was just the perfect time  ,this happened in a small period of time which was an eyeopening experience ,it’s not a question of time or great funds its just the will of putting things right and establishing a great connection that will give way to a better understanding among people .i know I and them just tied a knot that never can seaver,and this is just a beginning because we still have a lot of work to do together to make this world a better place .this displays the heart full of gratitude of a girl who just got he life transformed by two amazing women who are just a product of God’s beautiful creation



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