“I have great people on my team. They are very helpful and I wouldn’t accomplish any of this without
their help. I do not have to do all the work myself, I delegate and we help each other. My team has
people who are self-driven. They will do the work even without being told. This is what makes them
unique and I would work with them any time given a chance”: Jean Michel Habineza, International Coordinator

Teta Christine


A renown debater who has had the chance to represent Rwanda at various competitions such as the Worlds Debate Competition in Botswana, The African Students Debate competition in South Africa and many more, Teta is an active and resourceful person eager to help people. She’s a vivid debater with a love for learning and teaching. She’s currently in her last year at the University of Rwanda pursuing a bachelor degree in Agribusiness and Rural development and she is the President of iDebate Rwanda.

Alex Kambanda


A debater since 2007, Alex strongly believes in the ability of debate to give an open platform to the youth to participate in the government of its country. It is that love of debate and political issues that lead him to co-found iDebate Rwanda with Teta Christine and Jean Michel Habineza. He is currently a student at the University of Rwanda (Huye Campus Of Arts and Social Sciences ) majoring in International Politics and Development Studies and the vice president of iDebate Rwanda.

Arnold Jesh


Arnold Jesh has been debating for the last five years which makes him an undisputed debater. He started debating back in Uganda but most of his debate experience has been earned in Kigali. He has been in several competitions and has performed well. Jesh was the 2nd best speaker at the 2012 National Youth Entrepreneur’s Debate Championship and he is now one of the best trainers of iDebate Rwanda.

Jean Michel Habineza

Intl Coordinator

Involved in debates since he was in high school, Jean Michel was among the best debaters in the nation winning a chance to attend debate training in Uganda in 2007. In 2008, he was offered a full ride debate scholarship to attend Towson university team. He’s a recent graduate in international relations from Towson University and the International Coordinator at Idebate Rwanda.

Samuel Baker

Intl Coordinator

Commonly regarded as the man with all the solutions in idebate, Samuel Baker is a recent graduate currently working as an investment research intern at Private Equity Africa in London. Samuel is passionate debater and change advocate and contributes to iDebate Rwanda as the international coordinator. He holds the offer to read an MSc in Economics and Finance at the University of Strathclyde Business School in September 2015.

Ekisa Monique

In charge of Communication

A former debater from Ecole de Science de Lourde Byimana where her team reached the finals of the Young entrepreneurs debate competition, Monique is not only known as a really hardworking person but also a fun and reliable friend. With that radiant personality, Monique is one of our communication officers and she is responsible of preparing the monthly tournaments and makes sure the schools are informed and well prepared.

Ingrid Cyuzuzo

In Charger of Logistics

Former debater from the Lycee Notre Dame de Citeaux, Ingrid is known for 2 very specific characters of hers: how positive she is and how hardworking she can be. She is a strong believer in the power of believing in one’s self and using the opportunities one gets in life. She is also a member of the fundraising team of iDebate Rwanda.

Magwene Ivan


Yvan is one of the most vivid debaters that the iDebate League has ever had. A former member of the Lycee de Kigali team, Ivan was the best speaker of the 2013 Kigali Debate League. Interested in learning and sharing, Ivan immediately joined iDebate team. His biggest dream has always been to see people understand how big an impact debate can have on their lives and therefore if more people debated, we would have a more harmonious way of solving our issues. He is also one of the best trainers iDebate has

Mutavu Grace


A former debater from Gashora Girls Academy, member of the team that reached the finals in the Kigali Debate League tournament and best speaker at that specific tournament, Mutavu has been an asset not only as a debater but also as a valuable member of iDebate Rwanda. Known for how hardworking she is, Mutavu is one of our communication officers, responsible of organizing the monthly tournaments and a member of our fundraising team.

Celeste Dushime

Media Relations

Former debater from Gashora Girls Academy and member of the team that reached the finals in the 2013 Kigali Debate League, Celeste is the firm believer in the importance of learning how to express one’s self and having a voice. She is a believer in the effect of hard work in the creation of a productive society. Celeste is a member of the media department.

Mutoni Shadad

Fundraising Team

Former debater from Gashora Girls Academy and a member of the team that reached the finals in the EA debate competitions, Shadad has been debating for as long as more than half of her life. Armed with wit and an interesting sense of humor, she is a valuable member of iDebate Rwanda and part of the fundraising commitee

Sandra Mutoni

in charge of logistics

The person in charge of logistics in Idebate. Anyone who debated against her know her as a tough opponent so we surely wanted to have her on our side. When she graduated from Fawe Girls in 2012, she was among the best debaters amongst her peers.

Girinshuti Nelson

Butera Sebastian

Sebastian Butera is a quite unassuming young man, He is exactly what you look for in a leader;someone who does not boast about his achievement but whose achievement boast about him. He believes that there is possibility in your dream if you are willing to work for it.
Sebastian was a debater in high school and now he is one of the trainer iDebate has and also he is in its media department

Kirenga Cherif

Niwejye Dadi

One of the founders of Peace and Love Proclaimers and a strong believer in the youth’s ability to change the world, Dadi is another indispensable member of iDebate. Armed with his camera and his incredible computer skills, Dadi is responsible of all the technology related issues for iDebate. He is the head of the media department.

Robert Mugisha

Rob is the geek in the iDebate team, he believes anything is possible through hardwork and consistency.

Intwali Bruce

Jonathan Binamungu

Abi-Gaelle Gisubizo

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