Debate as tool for Peace building

We aim at improving the critical thinking and communication skills of secondary students so that they become engaged and active citizens in their communities.

We envision a society where differences are embraced and conflict is resolved without resorting to violence, through teaching the youth how to disagree on public policy issues without treating your opponent as an enemy


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How we do it?

Our approach is centered on programs that enable students to express themselves in a free-speech environment! Here are our three pillars!


International Programs

Our students are exposed to a cross-cultural experience through our international 

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Debate Leagues

A competitive person always wins.” Our monthly competitions serve as a venue for our students to practice all they learn during respective training sessions as they become better speakers not only theoretically but practically.

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Teachers’ Debate Institute

Teachers at iDebate are a pillar to our success. We believe that a teacher with the right skills and resources, stands as a catalyzer to our students’ progress toward becoming great thinkers and speakers.

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Student Training

Our primary goal is to shape students’ minds through training and provision of the relevant resources they need to uplift their speaking, thinking, research and debate skills. We believe that practice makes perfect.

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Other than the fact that Bruce had glasses that made him look about 6 years older than he was, He, Babu, Youssouf & Fiona were the cutest team of babies in 2013. Bruce is known till this day to know random facts about subjects that most people don’t spend time reading about

He is currently a communications consultant and Communications manager at Rwanda Cooperation initiative.

Bruce Ntwali M

Rosette was among the Pioneers of the Dreamers Academy Camp in 2012.

She is currently working as an Administrative Manager Irembo and co-founds My Green Home Rwanda, an organization that is promoting a #GreenRwanda and environmental excellence in our communities by recycling #plasticwaste into eco-friendly pavers

Rosette Muhoza

Bukuru, one of the people went through iDebate Rwanda in 2013 through LNDC

She’s now a procurement manager among other tasks in one of GIZ’s programs, in addition to that she’s an emerging artist locally with a great potential.