Student Training

Our primary goal is to shape students’ minds through training and provision of the relevant resources they need to uplift their speaking, thinking, research and debate skills. We believe that practice makes perfect.

Training our students plays a big role in ensuring competitiveness both locally and internationally.


In School Training

We are an after school program for students! During the school time, Our students are equipped with a 32 weeks curriculum by our pool of volunteer-coaches who are best fit to nurture students from good to great thinkers and speakers.

Who are Our Volunteer-Coaches?

The Volunteer program is a continuation to the debate life of our students once they are done with high school.

The graduates help in achieving the work that we do through volunteering in running our programs. Most of them do it as a way to give back to their fellow students that are still in secondary school and make them better speakers and thinkers.


Weeks Curriculum


Trained Volunteer Coaches


Partner Schools


Students Trained

Dreamers Academy Camp

The Dreamers Academy is a 10days Residential Debate camp that allows our students to be trained by foreign debate experts on not only how to become better debaters but also how to use debate as a pathway to opportunities and success in their everyday life.

Courses at the camp include;

  • Debate Like a Pro
  • Policy Making MasterClasses
  • Creatives HUB
  • Steps to College


Provinces Represented


Foreign Debate Expert Coaches


Students have participated the camp